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roasted garlic, rice dish, thanks!

Hi -

Last week I bought this huge container of roasted garlic from my local
supermarket. It's the size of a big peanut butter jar, but this roasted garlic
has no fat. Needless to say, I'm in heaven! If anyone has good suggestions for
what to do with all of this (besides to just stir it into everything, which I'm
already doing!), I'd appreciate it.

Last night, I boiled Nikishi rice like it was pasta (I think it was Cajun Joe
who wrote months ago that this was a possible cooking method for rice. I like
the results this way). I had to put a lot of water in!  When the rice was
cooked (about 11 minutes later), I threw in a block of frozen, chopped spinach.
 The rice just kept soaking and soaking up the water. I lowered the heat and
let it simmer for about 3 more minutes. Then I added lemon juice, one can of
chick peas, some cumin, and about 2-1/2 heaping T of the roasted garlic. About
5 minutes it was done and wonderful. The leftovers were great for lunch today.
Didn't even save any for the husband.

Thanks to everyone who made the ff taco suggestions. I made them earlier this
week and they were very light and scrumptious. But I do think the baked burrito
shells would fare better as quesadillas, as they become very delicate when
baked. I bet you could bake a burrito shell with sliced apples and cinnamon and
it would be very good.



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