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cottage success

My original post was delayed by an e-mail address change that tossed it
into Michelle's hand sorting files - so I thought that I'd post that the
cottage visit was quite successful.  In the mix of majority
meatatarians, significant minority vegetarians, and me, the only vlf
vegetarian, we hit on a couple of handy ideas:
Steam fry a mix of sweet peppers and vegetables that can be ladled over
rice, cheesey pirogi, or meat - or be eaten alone.  Having one dish that
everyone combines with the others cuts down on dishwashing.
In the same vein, make a big pot of vegetarian soup that everyone
shares.  One night my SIL made a minestrone, on another, a BIL made
spicy squash soup.  
These were pretty high fat, but gave me the idea of bringing several
soup recipes next time.   It's funny, the vegetarians always give me the
hardest time about avoiding high-fat ingredients.
We had a lot of fun, and even though I ate at a higher fat level than
ideal, it was better than previous vacations.  Every improvement counts!