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RE: Brown vs. White Rice

Don't forget that the package of rice only gives part of the story.  It  doesn't give a complete breakdown of vitamins and minerals and in brown rice they are higher.


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Subject:	Brown vs. White Rice

I'v always heard that brown rice is so much better for you, so I grabbed my
now empty bag of brown rice and my half full box of converted rice to compare
per 1 cup of cooked rice:

				Brown				White
Calories		150				170
Fat				0					0
Sodium		0					0
Carbohydrate	32g				38g
Protein		3g					4g
Fiber			1g					0g

So, it doesn't really make that much difference which you eat unless 20
calories, 6 carbohydrates and 1g of fiber and protein bother you? Am I missing
something here?