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Squash Ideas

Oh Chris!
	I'm so jealous!  I decided not to have a vegetable garden this year (it's
so embarrassing when the weeds between rows get too tall to mow).  %^P   My
mouth is watering at the thought of those wonderful, fresh squash!  
	Summer squash is wonderful sliced lengthwise and cooked outside on a
grill, especially when you add a few wood chips for a smokey taste.  Also,
they're wonderful in salads when you pick them small and cut them into
salads or add them at the last minute to stir-fry.  For the zucchini that
get out of hand overnight and magically become baseball bat-size while you
sleep, you can grate them, bag them in 1-cup servings, and freeze them for
use later in one of the ff archive's zucchini bread recipes or to add to
stew or spaghetti sauce.  
	By the way, are the pale green ones Patty Pan squash?  (she asks wistfully)

>My squash crop is coming in quickly.  Does anyyone have a good stuffed
>zuchinni recipe?  I would also welcome any other squash recipes.  Can
>you freeze squash?  I have two types of zuchinni, yellow crook neck, and
>summer squash (one pale green and the other dark green). I have steamed
>and sautee`d  them so far...Any recipes will be appreciated.