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Re: Pizza crust

Here's how I have frozen pizza crusts with some success:

Roll/shape your dough out on a piece of saran wrap, or waxed paper. Now, take
another piece of waxed paper or wrap and place it on top of the flattened
dough. Keeping the saran wrap pressed against both sides of the dough, fold
the circle of dough in half, then in half again. At this point, it should fit
in a ziploc bag, and the plastic wrap will keep it from sticking to itself
when it freezes. You will still need to defrost in order to lay it out flat
again, but I find that it does not take as long as a ball of dough would. (You
might even be able to do it in your microwave -- but since I don't have one
I've never tried this.)

Good luck!