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Re: Trader Joe's

Hi, Linda, Steve and all you other curious NJ ff-ers,

The New Jersey Trader Joe's is in Westfield, Somerset County.  I don't know
where you are, but it's about a 30-minute drive for me.  They said they're
opening another 2 or 3 stores here but couldn't tell me where other than Red

We went there yesterday, unarmed with recommendations, and were still
thrilled.  Even my kids loved it because they had samples of products to eat
and the prices were so reasonable I said yes to things I ordinarily wouldn't.
It's about half hfs, half other kinds of SAD groceries (they had full-fat
milk, frozen fish, chicken and tamales, for example).  I bought a full pound
of wild rice for 2.39 (about 8.85 in Shop-Rite), brown rice for .99, specialty
pasta for .99 (about 3.50 in the Dixie catalog), 100 ginkgo biloba caps for
6.99 (I thought that was a mistake - it's more than $17 when it's on sale!!)
and, for lunch at work, an instant-cup-of-rice-and-beans for .79, just for
starters!  the only thing on my list they were missing was quinoa, for which
they told me to put in a written request.  In all, it's well worth the drive
and then some.