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Re: Veggie Soup Question

I don't have a recipe that would fit, but as far as the rice goes, I'm
guessing it may have been pecan rice.  I've purchased this rice before
and it does have a nutty "pecany" flavor.  If you get a recipe, please
forward it to me ... the soup sounds delicious!

Leah in Cleveland, Ohio

Heather D. Rielly wrote:
> Hi!
> I had the *best* soup last night!  Now, if only I had the recipe!  It was at a
> local restaurant.  It's called "Vegetarian Veggie and Rice".  It was
> broth-based, rather than tomato-based, and there was a lot of rice that was
> kind of nutty and looked like it used to be wild rice (could see part of the
> husks).  It also had carrots and broccoli (I think).   It was absolutely
> incredible, and it looked like it might be easy to make.
> I haven't checked the archives yet (haven't had the time yet - but I intend to
> ASAP) - can anyone think of a recipe that might fit this description?  I'm
> dying to make it at home.  Crock pot recipes are always welcome (haven't used
> mine yet and I've had it for a year!).
> Thank you!
> Heather