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pizza crust for later use

Here's what I do with pizza dough to use at a later time:

I "grill" the prepared dough (1/2 inch thick or less and smaller in diameter than
my largest pan) on an ungreased cast iron skillet for a few minutes a side (it'll
puff up and turn brown).  Then I freeze the rounds after they've cooled.  

For a quick dinner, I can pull the pizza shell out of the freezer, add sauce and
toppings, put it in a preheated 400 degree oven and dinner is ready in 10
minutes.  I like the pre-cooked crust, it comes out crispy, especially on a 
bread stone.  I used to have a problem with soggy crusts (undercooked) or
if the crust was cooked, the toppings were burnt.