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Recipes, Dixie, etc.

A couple days ago someone asked how others store the recipes they get 
from the mailing lists.  I used to store mine in a big binder, but pretty 
soon the binder was huge and it was somewhat difficult to organize.  For 
instance, would *Red Beans and Rice* be stored under beans or rice?  I 
could have a category called beans and rice, but I would also need one 
for beans and grains, and beans and pasta, and beans and veggie, and 
grains and rice, and grains and pasta...you get the idea.  I also tried 
storing them on my computer as word processor files, but that had definite 
limitations also, and more importantly, it did not solve my 
classification problem. 

So...I finally decided to give MasterCook a try.  I had heard it 
discussed many times, but I couldn't believe it was really all that.  I 
did a little research on it and finally decided to order MasterCook 
Cooking Light.  I absolutely love it.  The recipes that came with it are 
virtually useless, but the program itself is fabulous.  This way I can 
store all the great recipes that I find, but I only print them out when i 
am actually going to make them--which definitely saves paper.  If my 
family likes the recipe, I put the paper copy into a binder in my kitchen 
(with page protectors, of course), so I don't have to print it out 
again. I keep the recipe stored in MasterCook, though, so that I can find 
it using their great search feature and use them in creating meal plans 
and shopping lists ( I have always made weekly menus when I write out my 
shopping list, but now it is so much easier!)  

I don't have any financial connection to the company...etc,etc. I'm just 
really happy with the product.  My only complaint is that the recipes it 
comes with are largely meat-based (even though it is the Cooking Light 
version).  It would be great if they would come out with a Vegetarian 
Times or Veggie Life version!  Overall, though, I am exceedingly happy 
with my purchase.

Someone else asked about the Dixie Chicken Not Salad Mix.  I haven't 
tried it, but I have been considering ordering it in my next order.  
There were two recipes using it in the last catalog I received (I don't 
know if the one I have is the most recent or not, it's got a red and 
green Christmasy cover).  The recipes look good, but the salad mix is 
expensive, so I am hesitant to buy it. Has anyone who likes Dixie's Chicken 
Not tried the salad mix and not liked it?  Speaking of 
Chicken Not, I tried the nugget recipe that appeared on the back of the 
aforementioned catalog and really liked it!  If anyone wants the recipe, 
let me know and I will post it to the list.