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Dixie Diners still singing songs

Hi, all,

A new Dixie thread, lol!  

I've tried their Creme-it and was not overly impressed, although it worked
fairly well when I didn't feel like dirtying my blender to puree tofu and it
is cheaper and lower in fat, too.  It did taste a little strong and grainy due
to the extra fiber.  I don't know that I'll buy it again.  I haven't tried
their 'chicken' salad mix.

As far as the ground 'beef', Dorothy, my kids and I will happily eat it in
spicy dishes with texture enough to distract them from the unmeatlike texture
of the product - i.e., chili with onions and brown rice, burritos with or
without lentils and refried beans, tacos, etc.  TVP is an unqualified failure
in dishes like these at our home, where I find the rubbery texture ideal to
replace clams in dips and paella.  I'm also a big fan of their broth powder,
for the people looking for broth powder recommendations.