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RE: Is it just me?

I don't like nutritional yeast either when it's used as a substitute for cheese. 
To me it doesn't taste anything like cheese and too much of it _is_ disgusting.  
However, I do like it in other ways and in fact I use it quite a lot.  I mix it 
in with eggs or egg substitutes to give a deeper flavor; I use about one TBS or 
less per two eggs.  I add it to soups, such as split pea soup, and it gives a 
richer flavor to the soup, as well as providing B vitamins and protein.  Also, 
my cats love it and it keeps the fleas away.


On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Missy Smith wrote:

> I've tried nutritional yeast in a macaroni recipe. (I think it was
> called cheesy oaty macaroni or something like that.)  It disgusted
> me.