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Re: Pressure Cookers


OK, I'll go through this again, since I didn't do it here on this list.
I've been using the Internet since 89, when my ex told me that I _HAD_ to
use a nickname online! (I forget his reasoning).  So I used Sarah G.

Recently I got married, and joined a few additional lists, and decided to
sign up to those lists as my REAL name, which is Sandra Mort.  After a few
weeks, I found myself signing the wrong names all over the place: Sandra
Mort on the Sarah G. lists, Sarah G. to the Sandra M. lists, plus Sarah M.
and Sandra G!  It got very confusing.

So I decided that for January and February I would be signing Sarah G. AKA
Sandra Mort, so that the people who know me from way back when would have
time to make the transition in their minds -- I hate confusing people any
more than I have to!  And then in March, I'll be signing EVERYTHING with
my real name: Sandra Mort or Sandra M. (depending on mood).

Hope that clears this up!

> Sandra/Sarah ( I forget which you are  8)  )

TO justify sending out this yappy note, I'd like to include a few tips
that I've encountered over time.

If you're looking for an easy portable lunch and have access to boiling
water, couscous makes a cheap lunch.  It gets really boring, though, very
quickly, so I like to take the instant refried or mashed beans or soups
(preferably all theingredients are in bulk)and add them to each other in a
ratio that makes you happy -- I lik 2 parts couscous to 1 part instant
chili or black bean soup, especially!  Mix them together, add boiling
water, and voila!  A nearly instand, hot vlf meal!

Um... what else... Baked bananas are really addictive.  If you do the
nnonfat dairy thing, bake the banana with a bit of seassoning on it (maybe
a sprinkle of nutmetg and cinnamon) then top with frozen ff yoghurt.

-Sarah G. AKA Sandra Mort