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Chopping fresh ginger

I never knew how to chop ginger as finely as I would have liked, and
grating it is always messy. I watched Ken Hom on the TV one day and
realised how to do it, so since I just posted 2 recipes using ginger I
thought I would share my revelation.

Use a SHARP knife! 

Peel off the skin on one 'knob' of the ginger with your knife. Then
cut very very thin slices off that end of the ginger.  Don't worry
about keeping them stacked up, just concentrate on getting them as
thin as possible. 

Now, stack up those slices, and hold the edges between your finger and
thumb. Slice between into very thin sticks, holding it all together
carefully - this is easier than doing it with garlic as it seems to
stick together more.

Finally, slice across the sticks very finely, still holding on - keep
your finger and thumb as close to the blade of the knife as possible,
and use your other finger to help you 'slide' down the pile of sticks
as you chop.

You should get wonderful fine pieces. This technique worked for me the
very first time I tried it! I hope I have managed to explain it well

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