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Joanne's search for Veg. Rests.

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all happy and healthly so far in 1998! As to a
good place to look for to eat in Central CA or about anywhere in CA, I
would be surprised if there were not a Fresh Choice restaurant nearby. If
 you are going to be anywhere near a city of a fair size there should be
one. Fresh Choice has a huge salad bar, fresh breads and muffins, a pasta
bar, and a baked potato bar. I won't mention the dessert bar ( oops! just
did! ) :-> They DID have a fat free "ice cream" though.
	If you are going to be anywhere near Sacramento, the BEST place
to go is a little place called "Eat Your Vegetables". It is buffet style
and they let you know the ingredients in everything. They even offer RAW
corn on the cob for those who like to eat it that way, or for a person
who may be on a raw diet! 
	Hope this helps, Joanne.       Have a safe and fun trip!
Mary Sue    In thawed out ( icewise ) but still snowy Strafford, NH