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My dad & Christmas

Hi all,

Just wanted to mention that my Dad & sister did indeed come out to our
house for Christmas, and that I did indeed feed my vegetable-hating father
nothing but vegetarian food while he was in my house -- and that he
actually ate it! :) :) :)

We did pasta for dinner on Wednesday night; I made certain the sauce
(Millina's) was a flavor he'd eat.  He didn't eat much, but then his
appetite is decreasing as he gets older, anyways -- he wouldn't have eaten
much more than that at home, either.  Thursday lunchtime, I suspect he
thinks he had a turkey sandwich, but actually he had White Wave "Turkey"
slices made from tofu, and fat-free Nayonnaise on it... :)  Dinner
Christmas night, I made pea soup (using the Hearty Pea Soup recipe from
The New Laurel's Kitchen, minus the oil and the salt), mashed potatoes,
squash (one with apples & cranberries, one without), brown gravy, green
beans and broccoli.  He ate an entire bowl of soup (after salting the
living daylights out of it!), a bit of mashed potatoes & gravy, and some
green beans.  Not a lot, but he ate it with no complaints (which means he
liked it).

Friday night I cheated -- we went out to dinner! :)  But I had pretty much
cooked myself out by then, anyways.  And the restaurant we went to (Chef
Orient, in Framingham MA) had veggie sushi for us, shrimp dishes for Dad &
my sister.  Dad declared it the best Chinese food he'd ever eaten (which
means he REALLY liked it! :)

I'm in the process now of making a double batch of the pea soup to take to
Dan's cousin's place for this afternoon's New Year's get-together.  Gotta
go finish chopping carrots and potatoes! 

Happy & Healthy New Year to one and all!


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