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burnt-on stuff on pan

	Hi, all!

	I did a terrific job of buring stuff to a pan at Winter Solstice. Filled
the whole house with smoke--very dramatic!

	We were busy trying to clear the smoke, then to get the smoky smell off
the walls, floors, cabinets, etc, so we just put the pan outside to deal
with late. It ended up out in the snow and cold for about a week before I
got to it. I emptied the substance-pretending-to-be-soup and started
soaking the pan, but it still smelled awful, so we put it outside to soak.
It ended up aoutside for another week. When I brought it in, a rinsed the
frozen pan with hot  water and loosened the 2-inch thick icecube that had
formed inside. When the ice came out, it took along most of  the charred
stuff from the bottom. I cleaned the rest with Bon Ami (a mild powdered
abrasive cleanser used a lot by bartenders) and it's almost as good as new.

I hope this helps someone else. I suggest avoiding the smoking up the house

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