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Bread Machines

This is a response to many people asking what is the "best" bread 
maker. A big part of my buying decision was based on how I would use 
it. I wanted to make bread, any kind of bread. I didn't care about  
butter or jelly making capability. Yes, some can do that. I then 
decided my family eats a lot of bread so a 2 lb. loaf machine was very 
important. It is easy to tell the different weights of loaves a machine 
can make by the amount of flour used in a loaf. 4 cups= 2lb loaf. If a 
horizontal style, "traditional", loaf bread machine were available I 
would have bought it. I am more than happy with mine. It is a ChefMate, 
it cost $125 about 4 years ago and has served me well. I hope this