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Re: Kitchen Aid versus bread machine

Hey, Lucky, I burned out the motor of my first Kitchen Aid, so I bought a
bread machine. I just use it for making the bread dough, but I generally use
half ww and half unbleached flour. 

I found that the Kitchen Aid was underpowered for kneading bread. If you try
to knead bread on anything more than low, you burn out the motor. Boy, did it
smell bad! I kind of felt like a real dodo. I called the company and the
person I talked to said to let the machine knead the dough only until it forms
a ball. Well, it's still pretty sticky. And, it didn't rise very well as it
was under-kneaded. Hand-kneading it kind of defeats the purpose.

My kids won't eat all WW and I also have to confess I like bread that tastes a
little lighter and looks less like a hockey puck. I also use combinations of
quinoa flour,  spelt, barley, and amranth. (not all together). Barley, WW, and
unbleached flour make a chewy, great tasting bread. when I use quinoa flour I
only use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup in a recipe as it has a rather strong taste.
Jan Bennicoff