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Re: Which miso? Plus: vegetable broth?

On 12/30/97 20:20:27 you wrote:
>Thanks, Tracey. I'll start off the new year with the red.  
>Another question, if it's not too much trouble.  I know tastes vary, but
>have you found a vegetable broth (liquid, powder, or paste) that you
>particularly like?  I'd love to have some alternatives.

Swanson has a brand that is ok, but it is always available at my
local "normal" grocery. My local health food store has a wonderful
powdered fake-chicken broth that I like a lot, but I buy it bulk, so
I don't really have a brand name-- I'll check next time I go. When
I have more time (I'm finishing my master's thesis, so I have *no* time),
I also like the potato peel homemade broth a lot-- it is definitely my
favorite-- but I haven't made any in a while, and I've used up my
frozen supply.

>I've been busy today preparing for our modified Southern-style New Year's
>Day dinner with blackeyed peas seasoned with onion, bell pepper, celery, and
>tomatoes; collard greens seasoned with tamari (unless I get some red miso
>before then!); carrots seasoned with orange marmalade; green beans; rice;
>chow-chow (tomato-based with jalapeno peppers); Coke salad (a congealed
>salad with Coca-Cola in it!); pickled beets; and lots of baked breads and
>goodies inappropriate for this list. 

Yum, sounds wonderful! I've got my bag of dried black-eyed peas sitting
in my cupboard, ready for soaking tomorrow. I like to add a few drops of
liquid smoke to the crockpot as they are cooking, as well as onions and

Have a happy new year!