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varying degrees of ff/veg; fudge

Hi. I've been lurking lately, but am coming back around to being fully 
dedicated to fatfree, so wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

To "Am I Alone?" or whatever the subject was :)...
As you see, there are varying degrees of fatfree/vegetarianism being 
practiced by those on the list... BUT the guidelines of this list are very
specific.  There are many sites/lists/groups online with broader & more varied
plans. I love being able to come in HERE when I am feeling strong motivation
and know that I will find great (and abundant :>) ideas & recipes that 
follow the very strictest guidelines. I have found nowhere else like 
this & "hear" it recommended all the time..
So if it seems sometimes that the posters are a bit fanatic :> it's 
because that's what the list is about-- shooting for our highest dietary 

Regarding Fudge--
Everyone I talked to who tried to make fudge this year had this problem! 
No-fat, low-fat, high-fat... I think the stars must be aligned poorly as 
far as fudge is concerned! :> 

- Marya