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RE: Rosacea

Hi June,
	Rosacea is very common and eliminating foods CAN help.  My
particular foods to avoid are chilies, eggplant, alchoholic beverages,
vinegars, and curries.  (whahhhh!  I love them so)  However, if I do not
want to look like a cherry tomato all the time I avoid them like plague.
External things for ~anyone~ with rosacea to avoid are:  sun, wind, cold,
facial soaps, and any facial products with alpha hydroxy.

	There is a very helpful site on the internet which you may wish to
visit at:  http://www.rosacea.org/home.html

	Once you gain control over your redness and breakouts you will find
that your face is a berometer of your internal health as well.  What I mean
to say is, that your face will also tell you immediately if you have
consumed something which you are ~allergic~ to.  (It's amazing, but I find
this to be true)

Hope this helps,

P.S.  I do use the Metrocream when I have a breakout, but have never used
the daily oral antibiotics.  I do not feel this to be safe on a long term
basis.  (personal opinion here)  Write to me if you want to know about
facial wash, and makeups which are working for me.  ;)

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