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Like many of the members of this list, I try to follow McDougall's recommended
diet.   I eat a near vegan diet and avoid oil, sweets and processed food.   If
you are interested in this diet, please read one of several of the books Dr.
John McDougall has written with the help of his wife.   There are also
followers of Dr. Dean Ornish.   His program is lacto-ovo-vegetarian.   Dr.
McDougall's program is vegan.   I don't consider myself vegan because I avoid
milk and eggs for health reasons, not merely ethical reasons.   I enjoy the
fact that my lifestyle doesn't harm as many animals.

At this time, I am trying to lose the weight that I gained during the holidays
and trying to follow his strictest plan, McDougall Program for Maximum Weight
Loss.  His plan eliminates all animal products, flour products, limits fruit to
twice a day, eliminates all oil and most simple sugars.  His books are
available at any bookstore.   By the way, no diet is fat-free.   All natural
foods contain fat.

 Susannah, good luck and don't eat discouraged from the list.   There are good
recipes and hints for the occasional meat eater.

Love Marilyn

Susannah Kolesar wrote:

>         I'm low fat, not fat-free. I'm not vegetarian and certainly not
> vegan. I just try to eat healthy. Am I all alone in this group?
>                 Susannah in Richland, WA, who tries hard to stay between 20
> and                 grams of fat per day