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Re: Bread Machines

> I know many of you use and love bread machines.  I'm beginning to like
> the idea of making my own bread since it is one of my favorite things to
> eat.

Bread machines can work well or poorly for you depending on your 
usage requirements.  For us a bread machine turned out to be a waste 
of money but it lead to one of the best purchases we ever made.

For us, a familly of  2 adults and 3 children the bread machine was 
way too slow.  We would wait 2.5 to 3 hrs for a loaf of bread that 
would then be gone in 5 minutes.  Also we like whole grain, fairly 
heavy bread that was beyond the capacities of the bread machine.

So, after burning up the motor on the bread machine, we went out and 
bought a Kitchen-Aide mixer.  It was twice the cost of the bread 
machine but it can knead 2 loaves at a time of whole grain bread that 
we then put into bread pans, let raise and cook in the oven.