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For many recipes, simply substitute water!  Oatmeal is one of my favorites.
 Top it with anything you like--raisins, cinnamon, etc.  Potatoe soup is
very tasty with herbs especially onions, leeks, etc.  Learn to cook with
herbs and spices, limiting the use of sugar and salt to a minimum.

There is milk lurking in many canned and processed foods.  READ LABELS.
The following means there is milk:  lactose, caseinate, sodium caseinate,
casein, lactalbumen, lactoglobulin, curds, whey.  Some so-called non-dairy
items contain milk products such as coffee creamers.  Also be careful of
macaroni and noodle products, bread, salad dressing, prepared mixes, soups,
sorbet, canned foods.

Suggested authors:  McDougal, Ornish, Pritikin.  I also have the following
cookbooks:  The Milk-Free Kitchen by Beth Kidder (Henry Holt & Co., 1991)
and Dairy-Free Cookbook by Jane Zukin (Prima Publishing, St. Martin's
Press, 1991).  Also there are some valuable books which deal with food
allergy but have many good suggestions and hints as well.

Kosher dietary rules prohibit the mixing of milk and meat products.  An
item that is labeled "pareve" contains no milk.  Check the ethnic section
in your grocery.  Or check the ethnic markets in your area.

Some products which contain NO milk:  all fruits, all vegetables (fresh,
frozen without sauce), Weight Watchers margarine, angel food cake
(whoops!).  There are some new products that are creamy but which are now
made with soy products.   Check labels.

If you're concerned about calcium, take a pill!  Many women take estrogen
anyway.  Check with your doctor.

Cook from "scratch" and read the labels on everything.