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Nori Seaweed

OK, troops, I've got a question for you.  The Whole Foods supermarket where
I sometimes shop had a new product--a series of different "international"
flavors of "wraps" stuffed with various foods (rice, veggies, ...).  Most
of the wraps were tortillas, and the one like that that I had was too
bready, but I had another that was delicious and much lighter.  It
contained some ingredients that are not permitted on this list, but the
basic idea was brown rice and finely chopped veggies with tamari, rice
vinegar, other flavorings, and (here comes the interesting part) wrapped in
nori.  The nori was soft, like a leaf, not stiff.  How do they get it like
that?  I'd love to try to duplicate this product at home.  It was kind of
like the grape leaf around a dolmathes (spelling?).  So, all you experts in
Japanese cooking, come to my rescue!  I know I can buy nori in sheets (I
even have some in my pantry).  Do I cook the nori, soak it, or what?  The
only thing I've ever done with it is pass it over a flame, as instructed,
before attempting to make sushi.  Well, there's another question: I've had
this nori for months, maybe more than a year.  How long does it keep?



Ruth C. Hoffman     ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes."  --Marcel Proust