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Unless I plan to use them in baked goods, I slice and freeze (peeled!)
bananas in orange juice for later use.  

One of my favorite uses is Five Threes Sherbet made of 3 bananas, juice
from 3 oranges and 3 lemons, 3 c. water, less than 3 c. sugar, and crushed
pineapple to taste. 

I still make the sherbet (originally without the pineapple as an
ingredient) the way my mother did 50 or more years ago:  

Dissolve the sugar in the water, add the sliced bananas, fruit juices, and
crushed pineapple, and freeze the mixture. Chop the frozen mixture and beat
with electric mixer on a high speed until the sherbet is almost creamy but
still a bit lumpy with banana and pineapple.  Refreeze.

This is resistible in winter, but not on a hot summer day.


An aside:  Until a few minutes ago, I thought the term "sorbet" should
replace "sherbet." However, I found this direct quotation in The American
Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition:  Because the
original Middle Eastern drink contained fruit and was often cooled with
snow, sherbet was applied to the frozen dessert (first recorded in 1891).
It is thus distinguished slightly from sorbet, which can also mean "a
fruit-flavored ice served between courses of a meal."