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food processors

I just bought a Cuisinart Deluxe 11 and I love it. I use it to chop garlic
or herbs (you can chop as little as a tablespoon of herbs in the big bowl),
make bread and pizza dough, chop vegies, puree soups, make smoothies and
dips (...).

I've used a small, flimsy food processor for years, and was frustrated by
it, so I decided to replace it with a good machine. I had been considering
a bread machine, plus a little mini-chopper for herbs and garlic, but I
decided upon this model because it chops small amounts of herbs, plus it
does all the mixing and kneading of bread dough for me (that's the part I'm
not good at -- I can handle letting the dough rise and putting it in the
oven). I feel like I got a good deal because I bought one machine instead
of three, Plus, I have a really small apartment kitchen, and space is at a

I find that saving up for good quality kitchen equpment makes a huge
difference. Speaking of which, I got my knife professionally sharpened the
other day -- what a difference! Really make things go faster and easier.


a s h a  d o r n f e s t