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Cavatelli and broccoli

Hi, all,

I found some frozen cavatelli in my local supermarket made by Italian Village.
It's dairy-free but not vegetarian - it's got eggs - but the fat content is
still 5% according to the label.  I cooked up the full pound for the three of
us, added what amounted to a little more than a small package of thawed frozen
broccoli and a healthy sprinkle each of Butter Buds and garlic powder, mixed
it well and voila!  A delicious, healthy, filling and FAST lunch.  My son eyed
me suspiciously while I added the Butter Buds (I told him the truth - "It's
butter...stuff") and then told me, "This would be pretty good if it didn't
have the broccoli in it."  <Sigh>  At least he ate it.