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Re: Frozen Bananas

On Sun, 08 Feb 1998 07:55:00 -0500 "Felicia K. Wdowiak"
<feliciakw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>What does one do with a dozen frozen bananas?
>Durham, NC

Oh - make "milk shakes" or "ice cream."  
For "milk shakes" I use one frozen banana, and unsweetened juice, and
throw in berries, or peaches or grapes or oranges.  Put it all in the
blender (there was originally some proper order, I'm sure, but I forget
now) and whirl away.  "Ice cream is on the same principal, only use less
juice.  I've found that a food processor works bext for this.  I also
freeze oranges when it looks like I'm not going to get them eaten and
their getting old, and I buy the bags of frozen melon balls and also
frozen berries (both come in mixed and not mixed - from Stilwell - and
there are store brands - I also use Smith's, which is a big chain here in
Utah).  When my roommate decides it's time to pull out the decadent ice
cream stuff she likes so much, I pull out the frozen fruit and juice or
rice milk (uh-oh, is that fat-free?  if not, pretend I didn't mention
it). I don't even add processed sugar, just about 1 cup frozen fruit and
1/2 cup liquid for ice cream, more for a milk shake - and it's all
complex carbohydrates.  I especially like the milk shakes if I'm having a
sandwich and munchy-type veges.

This was a long post, sorry.

Becca - rlamm@xxxxxxxx
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