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noodle kugel

This might be the noodle kugel someone was looking for.....sorry, don't
know who originally posted it.

1 lb. "no yoke" broad noodles (UNCOOKED -- very important!)
1 cup sugar (I use 1/2 sugar + equiv. to a little less than 1/2 cup sugar
16 oz. unsweetend applesauce
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 small can crushed pineapple with juice (unsweetened)
1 cup white raisins (I use 1/2 cup raisins + 1/2 cup dried sweetened
cranberries from Ocean Spray)
7 eggs equivalent (like eggbeaters)
3 cups skim milk
1 pint ff plain yogurt

1 snack size box of Special K (probably about 1 cup)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tblsp brown sugar

Mix all ingredients (except topping) together in a VERY large bowl.
Consistency will be very loose. Pour into a large pan (approx. 9x13), cover,
and refrigerate at least 4 hours (It's better to let it stay overnight).
Should be "set" when you remove from refrigerator. Prior to baking, prepare
topping: crush cereal into small (but not tiny) pieces. Stir in cinnamon and
brown sugar. Sprinkle over top of kugel. Bake in preheated oven (300 degrees
F) for 2 hours or until top is browned. Smells heavenly. Tastes good hot or
cold, but it's really "creamy" when cold!