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Saffron again

It seems from recent messages that Saffron can be pretty expensive stuff.
When I was on holiday in Miami recently (from the UK) I bought a half-ounce
packet of 'El Charrito' Azafran en Flor (Saffron Flower) in a supermarket
which caters for the many Spanish speaking people who live in that sunny
city. I had no immediate use for it, but I do remember that it was very
cheap and I thought it might come in useful. If it had been expensive I
wouldn't have bought it - I only buy bargains! The El Charrito brand is
packed and distributed by the Lisy Corporation in Miami. But as some people
find that saffron is very expensive to buy, I am wondering do I have the
'real thing' here? It looks OK to me, but then I have never bought saffron
before. You can private e-mail me if you prefer. Thanks.
John Lee (UK)
e-mail jlee@xxxxxxxx