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RE: NO WHEAT: Soy Sauce substitute?

Hi Elsa,
	I can help with this question as I am a celiac also.  The two best
products I use are San-J organic Tamari sauce (I called the manufacturer to
verify wheat free status), and Magi sauce.  (The San-J company also makes a
'low sodium' version but it is NOT wheat free) I have only been able to
find The San-J Tamari at my health food store.
	The Magi sauce is not the same taste as soy sauce and is used only
for cooking.  However it has a very delicious flavor in soups and stir
frys.  While I have not personally verified its safety, I have seen mention
of it several times on the Celiac Listserve.  I have never reacted to it.
	Another producer of wheat free soy sauce is Hunt-Wesson.  They
produce the La Choy brand soy sauce and their brochure states that it is
Gluten Free.  Should you wish to know of other safe foods, and get some
recipes for breads, cookies, etc., then have a look at the website in the
link below.
	If you wish other cooking hints to lower fat in GF cooking please
feel free to write me directly.

I hope this helps you!
Lynda Swink

P.S.  You are a very sweet daughter to take such care in feeding your
mother.  You can't imagine how many other people do not get such good
treatment and concern from their families. :)

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