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eggplant cooking test

Or..you are allergic, like me. Bleah. 8(

I need a remedy so I can eat tomatoes and eggplants without excruciating
pain. *grin*

Sucks to be me,

>Try the following (my favorite way to fix eggplant).
>Buy a medium eggplant, nice and fresh (not rubbery).  Wash it,
>and put it on a roasting pan.  Do not slice it.  Bake it at
>390F or so for about an hour.  Take it out, let it cool just a
>bit, then slice it open and eat it with a spoon.  It is absolutely
>delicious, and not bitter at all (and quite juicy).  If this
>doesn't work for you, you either simply do not like eggplant, or
>your grocery store doesn't have a good supply or something.
>Good luck!
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