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Re : Travelling low-budget & FF/LF

OK, it's my fault... I didn't specify clearly the nature of my trip & the
destination, so most of you guys didn't know what kind of info. I really

I'll be travelling in Western Australia (*wave to Annabel!!*)... 2 weeks
down SW with 1 guy friend and then 2 weeks up NW with my class. The fare I
paid to my lecturer for the latter 2 weeks include food & lodgings, so I
have no say over my meals. I'll be preparing meals (dinners, to be
specific) for my travel buddy & I while we're in the SW area. We'll be
staying at the YHAs of the respective towns we're visiting, and most of the
YHAs in Western Australia have fully equiped kitchens. We won't stay at 1
YHA for more than 2 nights, so I'm trying to avoid lugging fresh food

I've got a few ideas so far, all of which involve meals which can easily be
prepared non-FF and FF at the same time to suit both our needs:

Mike Rosenblatt (thanks Mike!) suggested I pack something to cook rice
with. I remember seeing microwave ovens in several of the YHAs the last
time I was there, so I'm going to see if I can find a mini-microwave rice
cooker to bring along. Since we're both Chinese, stir-fries with rice would
be good for both of us. And Mike had suggested I carry tofu with me. 

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!