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fatfree cottage cheese

I'm new to the mailing list, if I make a mistake please forgive me!  I love
cottage cheese and eat nonfat Stop & Shop brand daily.  I just noticed that
it contains 90 calories per serving while most others have only 80
calories.  Does anyone know if there's a difference in the fat content of
the various nonfat cottage cheese products from different companies?  Both
state that there are 0% calories from fat and the ingredients appear to be
identical.  I'm confused.  Please answer either on the list or email me. 
Thanks!  I've only belonged to the mailing list for about a week or so and
I wanted to add that I love it!  Your tips and advise are great.  I've
followed a Pritikin/Ornish type diet for about 15 years.  Listening to
others who do the same is both enjoyable and educational.