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Re: Spicery Shoppe Spices

There was a question the other day about whether or not The Spicery Shoppe 
might carry extracts people were looking for. I have a bottle of their 
vanilla that I ordered through my food co-op, so I called the company 
in Downer's Grove, Illinois.

They do not carry peanut butter or chocolate extract but they may begin
carrying caramel or butterscoth soon. However, they do not sell retail
nor by mail order.  They sell only commercially in large quantity, so 
anything you purchase of theirs would have been rebottled and labeled 
where you purchased it.  The customer service rep I spoke with suggested
trying health and natural food stores, gourmet shops and other specialty 
stores that carry baking supplies, seasonings, etc.

Hope this helps.

Natalie in Milwaukee