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To Sophie with the vegan cousins

I believe it is important for vegans to eat a lot of whole grains
includeing rice, wheat, millet, oats, etc.  Also, vegans need to eat a
lot of greens to be sure they are getting enough calcium.  Good ones are
kale and collard greens.  Also, have them consider seaweed.  It is
loaded with vitamins and minerals including calcium.  They need to be
sure they get enough vitamin B12.  Miso contains that.  Every morning I
have a bowl of miso soup.  Heat some water or broth with a piece of
kombu seaweed.  Add shitake mushrooms that have been soaked, stems
removed, and sliced.  Add any kind of seaweed you want.  Examples are
wakame, arame, and hijiki.  Add whatever vegetables you want.  Good ones
are greens, daikon, and carrots.  You can add a little bit of rice or
noodles if you want.  It is totally up to your tastes.  I like my miso
soup to be very liquidy with a lot of seaweed and very little of
anything else.  I like to top mine with a few pieces of green onion.  In
your serving bowl, combine a few tablespoons of water with about a
tablespoon of miso.  Blend.  Pour in they soup and mix.  I think this is
a very nutritional way to start your day and it gives you a lot of