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softening nori

>Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:52:37 -0600
>From: "Ruth C. Hoffman" <ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Nori Seaweed

> Most
>of the wraps were tortillas, and the one like that that I had was too
>bready, but I had another that was delicious and much lighter.  It
>contained some ingredients that are not permitted on this list, but the
>basic idea was brown rice and finely chopped veggies with tamari, rice
>vinegar, other flavorings, and (here comes the interesting part) wrapped in
>nori.  The nori was soft, like a leaf, not stiff.  How do they get it like
>that?  <snip>
>Do I cook the nori, soak it, or what?

Nori softens upon standing (after filling).  I used to live in Japan, and I
would often buy little pre-made rice balls for lunch.  The nori on those
was quite soft, except for a certain packaged variety where the nori was
kept separate until you unwrapped it to eat.  That nori was always crisp.

>only thing I've ever done with it is pass it over a flame, as instructed,
>before attempting to make sushi.  Well, there's another question: I've had
>this nori for months, maybe more than a year.  How long does it keep?

Indefinately, as long as you keep it in an airtight container (like a
Ziploc bag).  Leave the little dessicant pack in with it if it came with
one.  If it sits out in humid air for any length of time at all it "wilts"
(gets soggy and kind of tough).

Good luck - Lisa (who now has cravings for nori wrapped rice balls with
pickled plums...mmmmmmm....)

Lisa T. Bennett (ltbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)