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Pasta sub

I also have a husband who doesn't like pasta, so I have tried a number of
things with reasonable success!

these are all still good with a pasta type sauce:

- spagetti squash - a vegetable like a hard marrow which is like spagetti
strings inside when it's cooked.
- couscous - quick and easy to cook and quite yummy (especially with a
sprinkle of parmesam mixed through it - if of course you can get FF
parmesan - I can't!)
- corn pasta - I found some in my supermarket that was made of corn and
flavoured with tomato and basil - really yummy, and my hubby ate it even
though it looked like pasta!
- grains of some kind - my latest favourite is Freekeh (which according to
the packet is roasted green wheat.  cooks up kind of like brown rice, and
is quite yummy.

Hope you both like some of these!


Annabel Gregory     
(Quilter and Occupational Therapist)   ^^
Perth, Western Australia               >< (
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