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Re: Temperatures

At 3:18 AM -0800 12/6/98, fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Yipes!  Twenty-two degrees Celsius is not 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is a
>mere 71.6 degrees.  A temperature of 425 F would translate a mere 268
>degrees C.
>I use F -32/1.8 or C * 1.8 +32.
>Could the temperature in C have been 220 degrees?  In that case the F temp
>would be 428.

Actually either method works.  But you must start out with the correct
temp.  I believe that 220 C was the correct starting temp. as on my
computer it was written as 22o.  The writer inadvertenly hit the small "o"
instead of the "0"


Donald E. Stowe (Don)
Retired HS. Chemistry Teacher
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