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Millenium Cookbook Answers to Questions

Hi Everyone-

  Ok, I got a zillion questions about the cookbook, so I'll try to
answer them all in one message :-)  Sorry if you get this multiple
times, but I wasn't sure which lists the questions were coming from.

  First of all I'm not at all surprised that you aren't seeing it on
line, in the library, or in the bookstores.  It just because available a
couple of days ago.  The only reason that I have it is that I ordered it
from the restaurant.  You can order a copy (autographed too) by going to

  You also may want to check on the site to get an idea of the recipes,
there are some of the menu highlights that are also included in the

  I did see it the other day in Barnes and Noble, although I checked and
it's not yet on their website.

To answer some of the questions I got:

> Is it a cookbook or one of those half theory and half recipe kind of books?
> I'm wondering if i order it (mailorder) how many recipes am i getting and
> are they fancy or everyday  etc.  Can you help? tell me a little more?

The cookbook is a cookbook, it's entirely recipes with just the typical
intro in the beginning and a glossary of terms at the end.  I'd say
there are a few hundred recipes.
(I can check at home and let you know at least the number of pages :-)

I think that most of the recipes would be considered fancy (I'd serve
some for special occasions), but there are also lots of delicious
sounding pizza, pasta, and soup recipes that I think would be great for

>        I tried to search for the cookbook you mentioned, but can't find it
> anywhere.  Is the title you gave the *exact* title and spelling?

Like I said, it's *really* new.  The title is "The Millenium Cookbook".

> Is this the exact name of the cookbook?  Who is the author?  I tried to
> find it on Amazon.com and couldn't.  Is it possible that it's only sold
> locally?  It really sounds wonderful.

I'd assume it will be on Amazon.com soon.  I'll have to look up the
author (it's whoever their chef is, don't see the name right now on the
website) from home.  I'm at work right now and I'm forwarding this to my
home address so I don't forget.

> What a wonderful review of this cookbook.  Will you share some of the
> recipes ... others might decide to purchase it based on a few recipes??  I
> know I definitely would.

I'll try to get a couple in, but it may not be soon.  I'm really caught
up in wedding planning right now (if you are interested I have a lot of
new pictures up at home.earthlink.net/~jshawl/wedding) and I'm very
behind on the recipes for my Vegwr site so I have to get to that first. 
When I do get to post them, I'll be sure to put MILLENIUM recipe in the
the subject.

> Could you post the ISBN number and full title and author information - I
> checked my library's catalog and couldn't find it. TIA

I'll try to out the info tonight or tomorrow from home.



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