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RE: BAked beans

>Does anyone have some good baked bean recipes that would appeal to kids? The
>commercial fatfree meatless ones I've tried have been way too sweet. My kids
>didn't like them. And if truth be know, neither did I. They were pretty
>Thanks, Jan Bennicoff

Hello...We found the same problem and use one can of the baked beans and
one can of cooked navy or great northern beans and mix the two.  Then I
add one chopped onion, 1/2 teaspoon of dried mustard, a couple table
spoons of dark molasses (we use blackstrap).  We find there is so much
goopy sauce in can that it can really be meant for twice the number of beans.
Then I bake or microwave, depending on time allowed.  Add water if needed.
Add brown sugar if now not sweet enough.