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Hi everyone,

I read the following in Canada's Nutrition Action Health Letter, and was
aghast!  Thought it might be news to you, too:

The non-carbonated "real fruit beverage" Fruitopia really only contains 2
-3 tbs. fruit juice, 220 -250 cal., and 13 -15 tsp. of sugar.  The label
gives no sugar numbers, no calories, and doesn't mention that some juices
contain cochineal.  Cochineal?  It's a red dye that's made from the bodies
of insects, and it's in the Berry Lemonade, Pink Lemonade Vision,
Strawberry Passion Awareness, and tangerine Wavelength flavours.  Cochineal
has caused severe allergic reactions in some people.

This is a product of the Coca-Cola Company, who will be getting a call from
me...(800) 428 - 2653, strongly requesting that cochineal be listed on all
its labels.