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>I heard it was lucky to eat 12 grapes on New Years. I'm from San Antonio,
>Texas -Pam
Pam - tell me how can I stop at 12? Hi I am Susan, working mother of 2 young
kids. I have a 6 month old baby boy who is already 9 kilos, probably due to
overload of milk. He is now on solids, do you have any nutritious tasty baby
recipes out there, low is salt and sugar and of course fat. He is into the
lumpier foods now and will eat anything which is good. Can I feed a child
this age tofu? I have baby recipes but I am struggling for new ideas and
variety to encourage new tastes. My older daughter(5) is so fussy I cannot
stand to cook for her some days. I love to cook as fat free as possible
although we are not vegetarians but I cook with very little meat - more for
the flavour aspect of it and a little iron. I find all the posting here
really interesting and entertaining.