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Re: Hawaii vacation...

I'd suggest contacting the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.  Their web page is
at http://www.enviroweb.org/vsh/ -- they have a dining guide on their site.
 Contact them...please remember that McDougall did much of his early
research in Hawaii.

Also, consider joining the Veg-HI e-mail list, as this may give you an
opportunity to discuss your concerns with residents of HI.  See
http://waste.org/regveg/ for info regarding that list.

>Hello all...
>I've been "lurking" for a while now, but I have a question that I would
>trust only you all to answer. I'll be going to Hawaii on vacation in the
>middle of January, and if you guys could direct me to any vlf or "healthy"
>restaurants, I'd really appreciate it. We'll be in Honolulu for one night,
>and we'll be staying on the South Beach of Kauai for a little over a week.
>If this is off topic, I apologize; please e-mail me privately if this is the
>case. Thank you so much for your help with this, and thanks for the great
>recipes that have kept my meals so yummy!
>Mary in chilly Philly
>prinzo_mary@xxxxxxx <mailto:Prinzo_mary@xxxxxxx>