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Lemon tofu "custard" pie

(This can also be a vegan recipe)


2 TBS Minute brand, precooked tapioca
1 Package Mori-Nu low fat extra firm tofu
2 egg whites (optional)
1/2-1 cup non-fat soy milk
Juice squeezed from 1 FRESH lemon
4 TBS FRESH lemon rind
1/3rd to 1/2 cup granulate sugar to taste (taste PRIOR to mixing eggs in
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 drops Yellow food coloring (optional)


1 pre-cooked fat free pie crust or/
DIXIE DINERS fat free pie crust (Order at 1-800-Beef-NOT)

Process tofu with sharp food processing blade until very smooth. Mix
down the sides of the container. Add lemon rind and lemon juice, salt,
tapioca, soy milk and sugar. Taste to verify your level of
sweetness--add more or less sugar to taste. Add egg whites and process
very thoroughly until very smooth. If you prefer more "custardy"
consistency, simply add more soy milk.

DIXIE DINERS pie crust comes in packets. Pre-heat the oven to 375. Very
lightly spray pie tin with non-stick spray. You can even wipe some of it
away, using a very, very delicate coating--almost non oil. In a small
bowl, use almost exactly 1/2 a packet of dry pie mix and add 1/4 cup of
water to it. Mix with a teaspoon and take some plastic wrap and put it
down on your counter. Spray that with non-stick spray lightly. Take
another piece of plastic wrap and lay that out. Spray the top of that
also. Place the pie crust little ball on the "greasy" side of the
plastic wrap and cover it "greasy" side down with the other piece. Roll
with a heavy roller, pull off the top plastic and turn the other side
down into a pie tin. Pull off plastic and pre-bake crust for no more
than 8-10 minutes.
(NOTE: pre-baked fat free pie crusts are hard to get. You can use low
fat food processor cookie crumbles, low fat graham crackers, covered
with concentrated frozen apple juice syrup). Dixie Diner's pie crust is
excellent but I use only half a packet, because I prefer a thin crust.
You might prefer a thick one. Graham crackers sometimes have trans-fats
in them. You need to watch the labels.

Add pie mix to pie crust and bake in the 375 degree oven for about 35
minutes. Some ovens work quickly so you have to watch closely to make
sure it doesn't over-cook. You can experiment with the "texture." If you
like a loose, creamy texture you can add more soy milk. Or, if you like
it almost as a "cake" you can add more tapioca, enough to turn this
recipe from a pie--into a cake. You make the choice. Any way you want
it--this is wonderful and VERY low in fat.

You can cover this with meringue if you like. When you make meringue, be
sure to use cream of tartar to "stabilize" it. Be sure you cook it long
enough to kill any bacteria in the egg whites. Slightly "overbooking it"
by about 3-5 minutes will usually do it.

Be sure to cover and refrigerate. Enjoy.

Mike Rosenblatt