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Re: Help 30+ degrees

>Hi everyone... what I would love to hear about are all your
>summer favourites (for those of us downunder).  I just need some good
>vegan recipes that don't require cooking/heat.  Any help would be much

>Phil :-)

Hello...A favorite summer salad here in my family is just a platter with
sliced tomatoes and cucumbers (the cukes look real nice if you can just
wash them and then score the peel...that is if you know they aren't
waxed etc.)  Alternate them on the platter, overlapping.  Then sprinkle
with chopped red onion, sprinkle with ff Italian or viniagrette and
some oregano.  Pretty, tasty and colorful.  No cooking and the cukes and
onions are crispy.

A good side salad is drain a can of black eye peas, add chopped celery,
onion and some ff mayonaise thinned with some vinegar.  Serve on lettuce

We are into soup weather here finally.  Made minestrone yesterday.