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Christmas Dinner

Hi Folks

I wanted to report on a relatively successful low fat vegetarian Christmas
dinner.  Through a sequence of events, I ended up in charge of dinner for
my mother and two sisters.  I planned it out as a three-course meal with
desert.  I tried to have the courses follow the soup, salad, and entrée

I started with an appetizer of mushroom/bean pate.  It is from the
Eco-cuisine book.  I took the oil out of it, which made it vlf.

The first course was a stew with a base of wheat berries and barley, and
many vegetables.  A loaf of fresh baked whole wheat bread was served with
the soup.

The second course was a plate of steamed broccoli and fresh asparagus.  A
cheese sauce was served for those people who wanted it.  A cranberry sauce
was served for everyone else.

The third course was stuffed bell peppers, saffron rice, and black beans.
The peppers were stuffed with wild rice and vegetables.

The desert was crepe suzettes, also from Eco-Cuisine.  These are fruit
juice sweetened (I used date sugar) and vegan.

The dishes went over very well.  The response made me grateful that my
family is extremely receptive to new ideas, especially when the new thing
is a well thought out meal.  Every one enjoyed at least some of each of the

The only problem occurs in my reliance on mushrooms.  I use mushrooms in
many of my dishes to provide substance and nutrition.  However, one member
of family is allergic to most fungus, and therefore she cannot eat much of
my food, at least in large quantifies.  I do not want to use TVP or tofu or
other highly processed food in my real cooking.

If anyone has any ideas of what might replace mushrooms, I sure would like
to hear it.


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