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Joan/Paul sent a note about TOFURKY. They said (and I agree) that the
gravy that comes with it was too high in fat, and sodium. I agree. The
Tofurky itself is also fairly high in fat, but contains no cholesterol.
Their "drumettes" are made from tempeh, which is not quite as high. I
find that either you are a tempeh fan or not, and there is no middle
ground. I like tempeh, but my wife hates it.

I use the HAIN gravy mix, which is totally fat free. We both like it.
There is about 270mgs of sodium/2 tsp dry mix. Gravy mix probably has to
be fairly high in sodium to taste anything like gravy. This mix however,
is not too bad. It is easy to mix, stirred with one cup of boiling
water. I threw away the gravy from Tofurky.

As far as the taste of Tofurky, I thought it was pretty good. I always
used to eat "regular" turkey with catchup anyway, so when I used the
catchup with the Tofurky, it was very much like real turkey. I thought
it was generally good, but would probably not buy it very often during
the "regular" year, due to its slightly higher fat content than I
ordinarily eat.

Mike Rosenblatt