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I met Dr. McDougall

Jan said:

> Not fair, not fair at all.  You have to tell us what he said, what he was
> selling if anything, what he was doing at the fair, just signing autographs
> or doing workshops or what.  Do tell!
I know!  Aren't you all just JEALOUS????  ;-)  I'm sure I
acted like a complete idiot with Dr. McDougall, but I was
just so amazed to be talking with him!  Before the seminar,
he actually sat down with my husband and me for 15 minutes
for a private conversation!  The best part of this was when
he said I'm a "slim woman" who doesn't need to lose any more
weight; (I lost 85 pounds in 1997).  The funniest thing was
when my husband joked with him saying, "I'm Italian.  We
NEED olive oil."  I just about fell over.

To answer your questions, his seminar was on "5 Dietary
Myths", which I'm sure you're all familiar with.  It was
great hearing/seeing him in person because I've read all of
his books.

He wasn't selling ANYthing.  Unlike when I saw Dr. Barnard,
Dr. McDougall did not have a stack of books to sell and
sign.  I brought my MWL book for him to sign, though.  He
wrote:  "To Sheri, looking great and never hungry.  J.

The reason he was at the fair was to do 2 seminars.  His
second one on Sunday was about disease treatment/prevention,
I think.  Anyway, if he's anywhere near you, please see
him.  I think he finally got through to my husband.  On the
way home in the car, he said, "I think I'll change my
special meal requests on airplanes to vegetarian."  Hurrah!